garnalen sorteermachine / spoelsorteermachine

Rinsing & sortingmachine shrimps

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Project information

Project description:

The rinsing and sortingmachine (or shrimp-sorting machine) for the shrimp fishery is entirely made of stainless steel 316l and equipped with three shellfish sorting drums and a shellfish catcher. Operating by sorting the catch in phases in terms of processing speed and removable components fitted to each other. Step by step the catch is purified untill a perfectly clean product is obtained.

How does it work?

Sieve 1: Inner Drum

The catch is transported into the inner drum. Thanks to the right proportions of the bar diameter (8 mm) and the sieve grooves (14 mm) the shrimps are separated thoroughly from bycatch. Larger bycatch, such as flatfish, algae, crabs, shells and such remain in the sieve and are discharged overboard together with the flushing water.


Sieve 2: Outer Drum

The outer drum is built up from three components that are easily interchangeable. This means that different sieve holes can be used at the same time. This allows for exact size selection, in accordance with consumers’ demands. Sorting parts with sieve holes of 5.7 – 6.0 – 6.2 and 6.5 are available. The exact measurements result in a strict separation between shrimps for consumers and undersized shrimps including small flatfish.


Sieve 3: Gleaning Spiral

The gleaning spiral is fitted with a variable number of boxes which form an exact fit for the naturally curved posture of shrimps! The rotating movement of the gleaning spiral leads the shrimps through the openings into the boxes. Crabs, small fish and shells do not fit in these boxes and are discharged. The former Technisch Bureau Verburg-Holland b.v. has a European patent on this unique spiral.


Shellfish Catcher

Only mussel and cockle seed that are a few millimetres in diameter can escape the previous three sorting stages. These shellfish are removed from the consumer shrimps in the shellfish catcher and discharged to sea. Only live consumer shrimps remain; an optimum product is guaranteed.

Technical Specifications

  • Types: VH SS 380, VH SS 630, VH SS 1050
  • Inner drum: large sorting capacity
  • Outer drum: 3 interchangeable sorting parts
  • Gleaning spiral: 380, 630, 1050 patented boxes
  • Shellfish catcher: fitted with a discharge lid
  • Driven electrically or hydraulically
  • Flushing system: low pressure with large capacity
  • Safety: executed in accordance with CE standard
  • Flushing water: 3” connections
  • Lubricating system: central

The Advantages

  • Sophisticated sorting process based on current fishing practices.
  • Completely seawaterproof and very solid construction. Thanks to this, there is hardly any maintenance required and it is practically indestructable.
  • The sorting units have a lasting smoothness and the calm process prevents damage to shrimps and bycatch.
  • Environment-friendly. The entire sorting process and the discharge take place in seawater. Unwanted bycatch is returned to sea alive and undamaged.

Mechanical Catch Transport

Perfect catch processing is obtained by combining the sorting machine with the automatic catch transport system. The catch is thrown in crates with flowing seawater and transported to a conveyor belt by an intricate water spray system. The conveyor belt transports the catch in doses to the sorting machine. The transport speed is adjustable to the make-up of the catch.

What Else Can We Offer You?

  • We can also take care of all your measurement work and translate this to a realistic 3D model, so that, even at the onset of your project, you can have an accurate image of the sorting machine that will be placed in your ship;
  • Furthermore, the required connections, both for electronics and machinery, can be drawn up completely and be installed;
  • After installation, you can use our customer-friendly maintenance service as well as the 24-hour fault-clearing service;
  • In short, from our first conversation onwards, we can help you with the realisation of your project(s) from start to finish.
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By means of our takeover of Technisch Bureau en Machinefabriek Verburg-Holland B.V. which has many years of experience in fishery it is our ambition to work on a new sustainable future together with the fishery branch.

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