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Fishing Technology

With the right technology on board we make the fisherman’s life easy. We design, deliver and construct catch systems for pulse fishing, but also electrical and mechanical installations on fishing cutters. We provide maintenance and our fault-clearing service is available 24/7.


Together Strong in Innovation

Delmeco specialises in technology. Because we can fall back on a strong organisation with considerable knowledge and experience, we can invest in innovative solutions which we can further develop with the industry. All our solutions meet the latest environmental and safety standards and demands.


Cost Reduction and Sustainability

We are focussed on the future. Together with fishermen we look for better and smarter ways to catch fish. Sustainable and cost-reducing. New fishing technology such as pulse fishing leads to a reduction in fuel use as well as less seabed disturbance. We deliver and construct custom-made pulse systems and provide service and maintenance.


We work closely together with various fishing co-ops in the development of new fishing technology.


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