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Pulse Fishing

Pulse fishing is a new alternative to bottom trawling. During the bottom trawling process, a chain is dragged across the seabed to
drive the flatfish forward. Pulse fishing uses electric pulses that trigger the flatfish so that it is scared out of the sand and can be caught.


The advantages: less bycatch because small fish is not triggered, the fish comes aboard alive and intact and the seabed is not damaged. In addition to this, significantly less fuel is required for this type of fishing because there is less pressure on the fishing rig. This leads to a considerable cost reduction.


Development of Pulse Systems

Pulse fishing was developed by Verburg Holland in Colijnsplaat. Delmeco took over this company in 2010. Since then, we have
worked on further improvement and innovation of the pulse systems. We can now, for example, catch both flatfish and shrimp with the same fishing rig.


Furthermore, we keep on developing systems that can withstand the extreme conditions at sea. We seek the best materials and smartest solutions for this. We do this in close cooperation with fishermen and fishing co-ops.


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