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Technical Specifications Feeder Cable

Technical Specifications Feeder Cable


At the onset of the project, the following goals were laid down for the design of the new feeder cable:

  • WatertightnessLess chance of water intrusion and improved longitudinal watertightness, so no water transport in longitudinal direction.
  • RobustBetter suited against damage during usage, stronger cover. Additionally, higher breaking strength. 
  • Resistance in the waterReducing resistance in the water, reducing diameter.
  • VisibilityBrightly coloured outside cover.
  • Repair possibilitiesCable should be easy to repair.
  • TerminationReducing chances of leakage at transition from cable to beam, improvement of tensile release. It should be possible to realise termination easily and fast. 
  • Improvement of cable guidingImprovement of cable guiding so that the life expectancy of the cable is increased. Adjust cable guiding and cable design to each other.


  • WeightEqual or lower per running meter so that the set-up of the winch will not cause stability issues in smaller ships. 
  • RadiusThe bending radius of the cable should enable the use of a compact winch because the cable will be used on smaller ships. 

In cooperation with De Regt Marine Cables a cable with the following specifications was chosen. This cable was brought into use by various fishermen and tested for over a year:

  •  Copper conductors 4 x Ø 5.1 mm (feed);
  • 1 x twister quad Ø 2.4 mm (communication);
  • 2-layered reinforcement from non-extensible synthetic fibre, torque balanced;
  • Reinforced 1.5 mm thick PUR cover.

The 2-layered reinforcement is twined in such a way that the cable does not turn (does not wrench) under tensile strain. The total diameter of the cable is Ø 20 mm.

Option: fairing: dyneema hairy fairing. Fairing increases the cable diameter to Ø 22.8 mm.

Image: Prototype of new cable on the winch of the GO48. The photo was taken four months after the cable was brought into use.

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